EA Sports MMA (Xbox 360)

There have been very few in the way of good titles that have married MMA-style fighting with current generation consoles. Where there have been titles that have captured some aspect of the sport correctly(the unique fighting styles, the numerous different fighters, or the ground game), there has not been a title that as of yet has captured everything. EA’s MMA title, which is currently available at all major department stores and game shops for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, looks to do just that.

First off, the graphics – they are what players will immediately see and they do not disappoint. The differentiation that is present between the different fighters on the roster is nothing less than amazing. Where sometimes I have problems distinguishing fighters (especially those on the undercard), EA has made all efforts to recreate every quirk and bit of what makes Tim Sylvia, Frank Shamrock, or even King Mo. In continuing with discussion about the roster, Randy Couture, Fedor Emelianenko, Bas Rutten, and tens more from Heavyweight all the way down to Lightweight all can be chosen.

When players get down to the action fighting side of the title, the one thing that they can immediately note is the pacing. Where there are problems with other action sports titles feeling a little “sped up”, EA Sports MMA creates a tremendous amount of tension before the first lockup, and then again before the first takedown. The sheer amount of strategy (keep the fight vertical or bring it to the ground, throw a punch or a kick, and how hard to go at the opponent) will ensure that players have a tremendous amount of replay value with this title. If you want to have a realistic interpretation of the MMA experience and do not want to go in the cage, make it a point to pick up EA Sports MMA.

Rating: 8.5/10

EA Sports MMA (Xbox 360) / 2010 EA / http://www.ea.com/games/mma

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