Eleven Dollar Life – Shatter The Silence (CD)

Eleven Dollar Life start their “Shatter The Silence” in a very interesting way. The track has a little bit of swing to it, but also calls forth acts as disparate as The Wallflowers and the Counting Crows. This alternative rock band is able to stick a five and a half minute long track at the opening of “Shatter The Silence” and keep listeners’ attentions. In a period of short singles and one-hit wonders clogging the charts, keeping fans happy is of utmost importance.

Dovetailing nicely into the disc’s second track, “Zee”, Eleven Dollar Life continue the knock at the door of fame. With this track, they do that through a bass line that will burrow deeply into listeners’ noggins. Containing a similarly-intense brass line, “Zee” skirts the line between funk, soul, and jam band. By cutting the track off slightly after the three-minute mark, they leave fans waiting for more. “Suitcase” opens up with a nod from “Zee” in that a catchy synthesizer line opens things up.

The band calls back to “Wisconsin” with the vocal gymnastics that are present on both, while changing things up through scintillating changes in the overall tempo of the track. “Relief” is the final cut on this disc, and it gives listeners a few moments to properly hear what sort of chops the constituent members of the band truly have. The vocals do ultimately cut in, giving listeners the end to a perfect introduction to the band. With something to sing along to, “Relief” will be the track that has fans singing along any time that the band comes to one’s home town. This release may only have four tracks on it, but Eleven Dollar Life take a bold step forward. In doing so, they have at least one more fan- play on, boys.

Top Tracks: Wisconsin, Suitcase

Rating: 8.5/10

Eleven Dollar Life – Shatter The Silence / 2010 Self / 4 Tracks / http://www.elevendollarlife.com

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