Move over “I have a Little Dreidel” and “Maoz Tzur”… there is an exciting new sound in the air this Hanukkah. A mix of traditional, dance, electro, hip hop, and folk songs from around the Sephardic world makes up the Sephardic Music Festival’s first compilation album, set for world-wide release on November 30th (one day before the first night of Hanukkah). Grammy-nominated artist Matisyahu combines a suite of Middle Eastern inspired hip hop riffs with a time-honored Yemenite chorus sung by Yehuda Solomon. Yasmin Levy’s impassioned song “Mi Korasón” (My Heart) emphasizes the underappreciated romantic side of the Ladino language. Moshav — an L.A. based group of expatriate Israeli musicians — contributes a powerful rendition of the Yemenite wedding song “Abba Shimon” in Judeo Arabic. In addition, Yair Dalal, the world-renowned Sephardic musician who performed at the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize Gala in Oslo, offers a memorable interpretation of the classic Shabbat song “Ya Ribon.”

Like the Sephardic Music Festival itself, this compilation offers a taste of the amazing depth and breadth of Mizrahi and Sephardi inspiration, culture, and creativity. Album tracks incorporate Jewish liturgical and ceremonial texts, Shabbat songs, and classic love poems, as well as original compositions inspired by traditional themes. The album presents a tapestry of harmonies, rhythms, and motifs as rich, vibrant, and diverse as the Jewish world itself.

1. Matisyahu – Two Child One Drop
2. Moshav – Abba Shimon
3. Smadar Levi – Ghali Ya Bouy
4. Brody – Yalda Metuka (feat. Y-Love)
5. Yasmin Levy – Mi Korasón
6. Yair Dalal – Ya Ribon Alam
7. Electro Morocco – Joe Pill
8. dJOoKRoO & Diwon – Rak Tavi Esh
9. DeScribe & Shmoolik – Modern Day Moses (The Stolen Casios Remix)
10. Sarah Aroeste – Hija Mia (Tamir Muskat Remix)
11. Shi360 & Yamanz – Kapayim
12. Diwan Saz – Who is She that Looketh Forth as the Dawn
13. Pharaoh’s Daughter – Ven Hermosa
14. Levi Mordechai – Ani Maamin
15. Michal Cohen – Ode L’eli
16. Jon Madof – D’ror Yikra
17. Galeet Dardashti – Michal (DJ Vanjee Remix)
18. Benyamin Brody, Diwon & Dugans – Yehi Razton (final prayer)

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