Hunt To Kill (DVD)

Steve Austin’s role as “Stone Cold” never seemed to showcase much in the way of acting chops during eir tenure with the WWF/WWE, but in the last five years or so (starting out with 2005’s remake of The Longest Yard), Austin has stepped eir game up considerable. While the sort of roles that ey has played all seems to be centered around the “bad-ass” role (whether good or evil), there have been small variations from the norm that should remind viewers of a young Arnold or Jesse Ventura. Hunt to Kill is set up with Austin sliding into the role of Jim Rhodes, a U.S. Border Patrol agent that continually has the weight of the world on eir shoulders. The film itself showcases the more human side of Rhodes’ life, as ey has to solve problems emanating from eir divorce that lead to eir daughter gradually getting more and more out of control.

After a few minutes, those types of day to day problems are those that Rhodes wishes were still present, as Rhodes and eir daughter are taken hostage, with the elder Rhodes left for dead. As the film rolls on, it becomes obvious that there is no greater force than a father without eir daughter.

The Anchor Bay home video release of Hunt to Kill has a number of bonus features that provide viewers with a little extra back for their buck. This means that ther audio commentary that was recorded with the film’s director, Keoni Waxman, will showcase some shots, finr plot points, and other things that may have been missed the first time out. The behind the scenes featurette that follows soon after showcases the amount of work that went into the creation of the film, in a tone that provides further fuel for a different interpretation of the plot.

Rating: 7.5/10

Hunt To Kill (DVD) / 2010 Anchor Bay / 97 Minutes / /

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