Intended Creation – Awake EP (CD)

The 100 seconds that “Train” occupies at the beginning of the “Awake” EP are tremendous important, an insight in which listeners can gain their first glance of Intended Creation. What they will immediately learn from “Train” is that the band operates on a number of distinct levels. This means that while Intended Creation can come forth with a tremendously compelling interplay between drums and guitar, that the act looks to change the whole of music with this dynamic. There may be a jam that threads itself through the entirety of “Train”, but there is also an approximation of the titular object and a bold disregard for attitudes regarding tempo and time. This makes for a hell of a track, a miniature epic that does more in a sub two-minute frame than most bands can do over the course of an hour, and it should be the reason that listeners will want to focus in to the rest of the album.

“My Words” is such a sea change from “Train” that listeners’ interests can only be further piqued. Integrating vocals to this track, Intended Creation shift the axis in which the track succeeds while still coming forth in the most impressive way possible. While ancillary to the music, the production on “My Words” is also important as it imbues a much more close and coffee shop-esque atmosphere to the track. As each track begins on the “Awake” EP, a different facet to Intended Creation’s persona is highlighted. The rapidly-increasing speed of the piano during this track gives aural evidence to the band’s talent and skill, while further chipping away at conceptions that listeners may hold toward the band.

This EP ends with “Move”, a track that straddles tribal and electronic, personal and planned; the track itself acts as a powerful exclamation point to this release. Instead of playing it safe, Intended Creation create a track in “Move” that takes up psychedelic, new wave, world music, and even ambient genres that rides hard until the band closes up shop. “Move” is one of the few releases I’ve heard this year that shows such a vibrancy and visceral quality to a band, and it should be the next purchase for anyone with a few extra bucks this holiday season.

Top Tracks: My Words, Fixated

Rating: 8.4/10

Intended Creation – Awake EP (CD) / 2010 Self / 7 Tracks /

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