Lie to Me: The Complete Second Season (DVD Set)

Lie to Me had a tremendous premise to it that ensured that they pulled great numbers for their first season, but I honestly feel as if the show’s second season was stronger than their initial one. The cast gelled together better, while the caliber of guest stars was better than in the first series of episodes.
This season begins with “The Core of It”, which plumbs the depths of a possible witness with multiple personalities. With the cast taking on different roles as the season rolls on, there seems to be a cogent narrative that is continually weaved through each of the season’s 22 episodes. The season ends with “Black and White”, as Lightman is shaken to the core after one of eir best friends is killed by a crooked politician.

Video quality for the show is very strong considering this is a DVD set; I would have to say that the video cut here is equivalent (at the very least) to the HD feed that many Fox affiliates use. Removing commercials from the equation, I would have to say that this DVD set immediately becomes worthy of its $40 price tag. The additional features that are present here further increase this value – the gag reel alone and its breaking of the fourth wall is priceless. Furthermore, the inclusion of a tutorial describing how to tell if one is lying as well as an Eckman/blog feature represent incredibly smart additions to the typical DVD fare.

Fox has just released the second season box set for Lie to Me, giving viewers the chance to catch up on the show before too many episodes air in this season. Here’s to hoping that the box set for the Third Season reaches the completeness that this one does.

Rating: 9.0/10

Lie to Me: The Complete Second Season (DVD Set) / 2010 Fox / 621 Minutes / /

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