Mad Max (Blu-Ray Disc)

I understand that the Blu-Ray format is still on its ascendancy, but I was surprised to see that Mad Max hadn’t gotten released on the format as of yet. However, MGM has done a hell of a job bringing some shine back to this 1980 title. Beyond clearing up the video and audio, there have been a number of additional features included here. When one will likely be able to pick up the title for under $20 (with an MSRP at $24.99), this means that the value is incredible.

For those that want to get their DVD box off of their media library, the Blu-Ray release of Mad Max includes an additional DVD version of the movie. The different audio options allows for viewers familiar with a cut (Australian, American, or mono) to be placated, while the commentary coupled with the increased visual quality of the Blu-Ray makes for a viewing that likely has not been present since the first time that the film made it to theatres. While touching upon some of the later films in the franchise, Mad Max: The Film Phenomenon showcases exactly how much of a juggernaut that this original film was. This is a fact that seems lost to anyone that was not alive during the original theatrical engagement. Furthermore, the inclusion of the original trailers for the film allows viewers to get some semblance of what the director and the releasers of the film felt were the most germane parts of the movie.

Mad Max is a tremendous movie, a perfect action flick that has enough headiness to it to appease even the most dour film junkie. By giving it new life on a new home video format, MGM has ensured that the film will be enjoyed by new fans every day. Barring further releases in the Mad Max line (as the rights do change over), here’s to hoping that MGM capitalizes on this wave of Mel-stolgia and opens their vaults accordingly.

Rating: 8.6/10

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