Marcy Playground – Indaba Remixes From Wonderland (Capitol/EMI)

I have always viewed remixes as an unnecessary and often cynical move by record labels to milk the music –buying public one more time, buying slightly reworked – and in most cases weaker versions of songs they already own. I view it akin to George Lucas tossing out a new edition of Star Wars DVDs every couple of years.

That being said, I was amazed at how remarkably original Indaba Remixes from Wonderland turned out. The record is a new take on Marcy Playground’s 2009 stellar, though largely ignored Leaving Wonderland… In a Fit of Rage.

The band set up a contest with the music site and gave musicians access to all of the songs from the record. The music was then submitted back to the site for Indaba and the band to vote on.

The 13 tracks that made the record, including two completely different versions of “Blackbird,” are refreshingly original, while still keeping the emotional impact the songs were intended to have when Marcy Playground put them to tape.

Indaba Remixes… may actually get me to reevaluate my view on those “Special Edition” Star Wars DVDs, though I doubt it.

Rating 8 out of 10

Top Tracks: “Irene” and “Memphis”

Marcy Playground – Indaba Remixes From Wonderland /13 tracks/EMI/2010

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