Nathan Asher & The Infantry – Sex Without Love (CD)

Nathan Asher & The Infantry start “Sex Without Love” with a brand of indie rock that will get individuals giddy without moving from a cool demeanor. “Leave the South” is the first track on the disc, and has Asher bounce around a number of styles, seemingly as first as the band can envision them. The heavy use of piano during this track really makes it seem as if individuals are transferred to an alternate dimension, one in which the seventies never really died.

This sound is perfected during “So Long, So Short”, but this first entry into popular music during this disc is impressive to say the least. A smart production of this CD allows Nathan Asher & The Infantry to explore themselves to the degree that one cannot forecast where the band will go at any point during the disc. The only thing that can be called a constant is the talent in which the band creates “Sex Without Love”. At one time, individuals are subjected to pieces of shoegazer rock, emo, rock, and funk; there are no scars on this Frankenstein’s monster. Each of the tracks on “Sex Without Love” are radio-friendly, but do not tie themselves together to make a cohesive album in “Sex Without Love”. This can actually be seen as a strength in this album, as to try to create a roadmap would unnecessarily tie Asher down to a prescribed course of action. If this was the case, songs like “Drift Away” with its heavy alt-country influence would be left off the itinerary.

The heavy use of the synthesizer during “Sex Without Love / a war” moves the disc into a bold new direction. The synthesizer lines add a peculiar sound to the disc as well as making the track into an unlikely dance track. While not completely in the vein of Fischerspooner, the infusion of this style of indie-rock with an electronic sound distinguishes it from the rest of the music out on the market. Tracks can be 5, 6, or even 7 minutes and Nathan Asher & The Infantry continue on admirably; there is no lack of material in any of the tracks of “Sex Without Love”. The band is currently unsigned, so make sure to pick this album before they get snapped up by a major. It will only be a short time, as this album is one of the most impressive to come out from the independent league of acts for a long time.

Top Tracks: Skipping Stones, Storms

Rating: 7.0/10

Nathan Asher & The Infantry – Sex Without Love

Nathan Asher & The Infantry – Sex Without Love / 2005 Self / 9 Tracks / / / Reviewed 12 March 2006


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