Nice Guy Johnny (DVD)

Those still mourning the death of the true indie film need only look to Edward Burns’ latest effort to realize the indie spirit is still alive and kicking.

Made for only $25,000 with a crew of three and no makeup or costume budget, Nice Guy Johnny puts all its faith in the story and actors and the gamble pays off spectacularly.

A romantic comedy that manages to come off refreshingly original – no small feat – Nice Guy Johnny is the story of New York transplant Johnny (Adventureland’s Matt Bush), a sports talk radio host at a small California station, who has promised his fiancée that he will take a mind-numbingly boring, but more lucrative warehouse job in New York.

On the way to the interview he meets Brooke (Kerry Bishe), a free spirit tennis pro who makes him question what he really wants out of life. The acting from both Bush and Bishe – not to mention Burns doing a fantastic turn as Johnny’s immature uncle – help take a funny script and make it truly compelling.

Not since Burns’ coup with the 1995 indie classic Brothers McMullen, has he created such an appealing group of characters.

Interestingly, the movie was also simultaneously released on iTunes, VOD and DVD.

Nice Guy Johnny/2010/MPI Media Group/92 mins.

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