Rock Prophecies (DVD)

No matter how many different documentaries get green-lit to deal with a subject, there is always room for a title that looks to increase the dialogue that is present. That is precisely what Rock Prophecies does, but it ensures that fans of all generations will be able to understand and appreciate what is going on. That is due to the fact that the narrative does not assume any level of familiarity with the subject material.

So, what is Rock Prophecies’ angle? Rather than focus specifically on the rock bands that are ultimately an important part of the documentary, Rock Prophecies goes deep into the detail about photographer Robert Knight’s trials and tribulations. For those viewers that are not familiar with Knight’s work, ey was the individual that really fostered the Led Zeppelin mania that marked their early appearances in the United States. Furthermore, other bands and musicians that had their best sides shown give their two cents on the role that Knight had upon their careers. This means that a panoply of different performers, including Santana, Slash, Jeff Beck, ZZ Top, and more are all present.

Shooting tens of thousands of pictures over the course of eir career, Knight has seen the rise and fall of countless bands. While this documentary seems to be much more in tune with Knight’s later years (segments with the Sick Puppies and Panic at the Disco are both present), Rock Prophecies resounds with serious rock history. Well over an hour’s worth of anecdotes provides viewers with bits that would not otherwise be known, without dragging on or otherwise being anything less exciting than the rock music that Knight pictured for so many years.

Rating: 7.7/10

Rock Prophecies (DVD) / 2010 PBS / 80 Minutes /

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