The Pacific (Blu-Ray Set)

Where it seems as if there is a pretty solid look about war (particularly World War II) every few years, The Pacific may just be the best mini-series of its kind. The heavy-hitters are immediately evident (Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg share executive producer credit), with the storyline itself focusing in on the trials and tribulations of three Marines through different venues in the Pacific. These ten-episodes showcase a number of lush destinations and really provide viewers with some semblance of what it was like to actually be in Guadalcanal, Peleliu, or even Okinawa.

While The Pacific includes both up and coming and veteran actors, the storyline is deftly wound through all ten episodes. This is not a show that relies on bloody battle scenes or the gory aftermath, but rather shows each Marine and every other character as having friends and family, their own nuanced view on why they are in the area and what they need to do to get back home. Whether it is dealing with the
“normal” horrors of war (death, injury) or the ancillary effects of it (blast concussions, transferring), The Pacific makes sure that every side is covered.

The tin case provides much more than incredibly sharp vocals and audio (DTS Master Audio never sounded so sweet); a picture in picture display acts as an 10-hour history lesson to provide further context for the events taking place in the show. However, I feel that “The Pacific Field Guide” has to be the most innovative addition to a home video release . This is due to the fact that there are animated maps present, as well as first-hand footage and narratives regarding what happened.

Rating: 9.0/10

The Pacific (Blu-Ray Set) / 2010 HBO / 530 Minutes /

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