V: The Complete First Season (DVD Set)

The re-do of the classic sci-fi show V was something I worried about; after the first season aired, I honestly do feel as if the show has been updated for the current period without losing any of the allure that made the show so compelling in the first place. For those viewers that were not familiar with the 1983 original or this, the 2009 remake, a number of space ships begin to make their presence felt over a number of the world’s largest cities. The inhabitants of these ships – the Vs – seem to be on the up and up, sharing technology and other advances with Earth’s citizens. However, some individuals feel that the Vs are not completely being truthful, looking to get to the bottom of this issue.

There are a number of additional features to be had with this Complete First Season set, as well. Perhaps most interesting of these features would have to be the “Breaking Story: The World of V”, which showcases the mythos that the show works with, along with the specific decisions made to bring the show into the current period. However, for those that wish to understand exactly how much work went into bringing the human actors playing into an entirely new race, “An Alien in Human Skin” goes into tremendous detail. Finally, the commentary that was laid down by the producer crew for the penultimate episodes (“Fruition”) gives viewers a completely different context by which they can enjoy this as well as the conclusion of the season.

Make sure to pick up this DVD set at your local well-stocked department store or video hut and properly digest it before the second season of V begins on January 4th. You will not regret it.

Rating: 7.9/10

V: The Complete First Season (DVD Set) / 2010 Warner Bros / 520 Minutes / http://www.wbtvondvd.com

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