Brunswick Pro Bowling (Playstation 3)

If one honestly thinks about it, there are few things that need to be done when one creates a bowling game. One needs to ensure that the lane English is present and realistic, and that’s honestly about it. Sure, there can be different customization features added, but that really does seem just like window dressing. This means that a game just has to do this one thing right; everything else just falls away. Brunswick Pro Bowling is a title that may just be the best bowling game I’ve ever played, as it deals with these fundamentals and even improves on them. First off, it is able to realistically simulate bowling through the use of the Playstation Move controller, all while having the graphical realism that only the current generation of consoles can provide.

In creating this bowling title, Crave Games is able to recreate many of the things that makes bowling at lanes so fun. This means that there are the funny animations which all pin counters have, along with the gutter balls that seem to pop up whenever one gets into a proper groove. While there is bound to be some difference owing to the fact that a player has a controller and not a 14-pound ball in eir hand, I feel that Crave has kept much of the skill components present in Brunswick Pro Bowling.

Finally, there are a number of additional features present in Brunswick Pro Bowling that make the sport that much more interesting. Just like in real life, one can invite eir friends to a game – up to four people can play – while game-only options like the Spare Challenge mode showcase exactly how talented each friend can truly be. Brunswick Pro Bowling is the closest approximation that I can conceivably find of the sport; while other titles seem a little sparse when it comes to the virtual creation of sports that are not action-packed, Crave has ensured that this title has tremendous replay value.

Rating: 8.0/10

Brunswick Pro Bowling (Playstation 3) / 2010 Crave /

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