Cooper’s Christmas (DVD)

There once was a time where linking oneself to the Daily Show meant that you had serious comedy chops. As the different elements to the show have grown up and have otherwise moved on, it seems that this claim has gradually lost its power. However, a Daily Show-laden cast for Cooper’s Christmas seems to make this the best period comedy since Hot Tub Time Machine. TDS members Samantha Bee and Jason Jones star in this flick, which is set in 1985. In order to settle a $2,000 debt, Gord Cooper (Jones) accepts a video camera from neighbor Bill (Dave Foley).

Where Gord feels that this makes the debt even, eir wife Nancy (Bee) needed the additional funds to put into the vacation piggy. This becomes a sticking point for Nancy, and ensures that the Christmas season has been ruined. The camera comes back into play in the hands of son Teddy (Nick McKinlay), who records every single nag, fight, and other crazy happening that befalls the Cooper family.

The tension continues to be ratcheted up as the family gets closer to Christmas. A bevy of crazy and otherwise off the wall relatives drop in, while Gord’s brother makes an unexpected entrance. With Nancy’s furious meter off the chart with Gord’s failings (including a set of knock-off toys), whether ey remains true to eir beau is a focal point of the film. The cast, which includes Dylan Everett as oldest son Marcus and Jayne Eastwood as Nancy’s mother, ensures that this will be a comedy that gets a tremendous amount of airplay during the holiday season. It may be lowbrow for some, but for fans of Christmas Vacation and other miscue comedies, it is a must-buy.

Rating: 7.3/10

Cooper’s Christmas (DVD) / 2010 Anchor Bay / 92 Minutes /

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