Knight & Day (DVD)

Knight & Day has been one of the hardest films that I have ever had to review. It is not anything about the quality, but rather deals with the difficulty that all associated with the film had in getting the film to theaters in the first place. There were a number of cast shakeups and conflicting information about what the film itself was going to do – this home video release is the first thing that is really able to show the film on its own (rather than everyone else’s) terms.

The film itself is a comedy, tying together Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz into a frenetic energy not quite unlike that exhibited in Mr and Mrs. Smith and even latter installments of Cruise’s later Mission Impossible movies. The cast itself is further bolstered through the inclusion of veteran actors such as Peter Sarsgaard (The Man In The Iron Mask, Garden State) and Maggie Grace (Shannon from Lost, Taken) and an utterly kicking soundtrack laid down by the Black Eyed Peas. Knight and Day follows the trials and tribulations of Roy Miller, spy as ey interacts with Diaz’s June Havens, an innocent car restorer that is picked up on the way. Hitting up a number of scenic locales such as the Alps, Spain, and Cape Horn, Knight & Day immediately flares viewers senses.

Make sure to pick up Knight & Day in either the single-disc or combo pack formats; the blend of humor and action will ensure that it stays in one’s player long after the film closes up shop. The additional features present are what provides this release with further value. “Wilder Knights and Crazier Days” showcases the cahones that both Diaz and Cruise have in regards to taking on their own stunts, while viewers will see a meeting of the minds between the film’s lead actors and the Peas themselves.

Rating: 7.8/10

Knight & Day (DVD) / 2010 Fox / 109 Minutes /

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