On The Outside – Tragic Endings (CD)

Imagine a mixture of White Zombie and Hatebreed and one can get an idea about how Maine’s On the Outside sounds on “Tragic Endings”. A screamed-out set of vocals dominates all facets of On the Outside, but there are minor amounts of variations on Kyle’s vocals that keep things at least somewhat interesting. The meshing of hardcore and metal is a marked step away from most of the hardcore acts today that look more towards jazz influences (in terms of complexity). At under twenty minutes, it becomes hard to really get a bead on On the Outside and what they stand for.

Still, there are some early-nineties metal influences that come through in a major way on thiis disc, of which the largest has to be “Rust In Peace” era Megadeth. With the longest track on this disc being under three minutes, On the Outside does not tend to deal with the long breakdowns or silence that a great many of their contemporaries do. This is one long track with different movements, in a sense and it is difficult to find anything in the way of breathing room here. “Everything I Used To Be” is one of the longer tracks here at two and a half minutes, and really distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack by an intense drum solo. Recalling E Town Concrete with a vocal style that is out of the rap tradition, On The Outside keeps the sound of their disc fresh with the ending of “Everything I Used To Be”. Finishing off the disc with “Tragic Endings”, there still seems to be a link between this current act and the complete history of both metal and hardcore.

Overall, On the Outside seems to be destined for the big time as the style of music that they play will find some common ground in the hearts of all hardcore, metal, and punk kids; the production is solid and showcases a band that knows their shit. Where the production definitely shines is in the space it gives to the guitars on the disc while still keeping enough fuzz to make the disc have a full sound. On the Outside provide listeners with more than enough in the way of singalong anthems and breakneck guitars, to ensure that “Tragic Endings” will be on repeat for quite a few months in the cars and rooms of all their fans.

Top Tracks: Everything I Used To Be, Breathe Again

Rating: 6.2/10

On The Outside – Tragic Endings / 2005 Thorp / 10 Tracks / http://www.thorprecords.com / Reviewed 03 December 2005


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