Opposite Day (DVD)

Traditional knowledge would have it that a film with French Stewart (Third Rock From The Sun) and Pauly Shore (Jury Duty, Biodome) wouldn’t be a theatrical classic. However, Opposite Day ties together these two comedic actors, adds some kids and a cast of up and coming actors, and makes something that stands up to repeated viewings. The film has a number of hooks that it puts in children and adults alike. Where there is a magical occurrence that turns things into the titular nomen that lends itself into a number of humorous backdrops, there are quite a few jokes strewn throughout the film’s 81 minutes that nevertheless will fly over the younger set’s heads.

While seemingly coasting through the latter half of eir career, Dick Van Patten is convincing as the elder statesman of the Bensen family. Billy Unger and Ariel Winter seem to be the mos impressive part of the cast. The two young actors, here seen as the children of Shore and Colleen Crabtree (in eir largest role of a relatively new acting career) have chops well beyond their years.

Anchor Bay has released this film onto DVD, and have given it the care that it deserves. This means that the video quality present on this DVD release goes hold for hold against most major movie house’s releases (that even means Blu-Rays), while the audio track provides finesse to the bold colors presented on the video side of things. Pauly Shore has been gradually gaining back credibility with eir efforts the last few years (Pauly Shore is Dead, My Big Fat Independent Movie), and Opposite Day showcases that ey can provide solid acting without merely chewing up the scenery with bold-faced buffoonery. Opposite Day is a great family flick.
Rating: 8.2/10

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