OST: Charlotte’s Web (CD)

Charlotte’s Web is a book that I believe is assigned in pretty much every American elementary school. Whether it is assigned in other countries’ classrooms is not something that I know, but what I do know is that there is a movie out now that brings this book to life. Tied to this movie is a soundtrack that is created by Danny Elfman, often considered one of the most magestic composers of movie soundtracks of the current period. Whether the tracks created by Elfman are able to be linked to the movie is a question that needs to be answered, one has to wonder whether the songs on “Charlotte’s Web” are able to be easily linked to the rest of Elfman’s work.

Songs like “Lullaby / Escape” have the same full sound that contain tremendous amounts of emotion. The tracks on this soundtrack move in and out of significant positions depending on what segment of the movie which they are in. If there was a particularly important segment of the movie, there is a good chance that the orchestra present on the disc will swell up in a grandiose fashion. However, if what is happening is not particularly important, one should be able to forecast a much less full approach to the track. There are two tracks on this album that do have vocal accompaniment, with “Lullaby /Escape” having some lyrics by Dakota Fanning and the disc’s final track “Ordinary Miracle” being performed by Sarah McLachlan.

There is a timelessness with Elfman’s compositions on this album that will draw individuals back to the days of Edward Scissorhands and Batman as it brings individuals forward to an uncertain future. The only problem that I have with a number of these soundtracks is that there is no extension of this music. Unless there is a sequel to the movie, there is no reason that the music created for “Charlotte’s Web” will need to have anything in common with any other movie released. Still, one should be easily able to hear the majesty in which the compositions on “Charlotte’s Web” present themselves; Elfman does a great job here in capturing the swells and gullies of the film in a way that few other individuals have the ability to do. Make sure to watch the movie and then come back and listen to the soundtrack; this will allow listeners to get a greater appreciation for the film than would normally be present.

Top Tracks: In The Mud, The Big Day

Rating: 6.2/10

OST: Charlotte’s Web / 2006 Sony BMG Masterworks / 18 Tracks / http://www.charlotteswebmovie.com / http://www.sonybmgmasterworks.com / Reviewed 05 December 2006


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