Saw III is a horror movie. Most horror movies are tied to hard rock, whether it be eighties horror movies with Alice Cooper or Saw III with an act like All That Remains. One note about All That Remains; I was not impressed with their prior releases, but their track off of this soundtrack is a maelstrom of fury, something hard for individuals to immediately sink their teeth into. It is a good opening to the soundtrack, and will make listening to the rest of the songs that much easier. The disc’s second track comes in Static X’s “No Submission”, a song that starts out in an interesting way.

However, there is not enough in the way of differentiation of styles during the track to keep individuals interesting. Slayer takes the third spot on their disc, and gives a little more gravity to the soundtrack. While their track “Eyes of the Insane” is no “Reign in Blood”, the inclusion of the heavy to this soundtrack after an emo-metal mashup and a hard rock band is a good thing. Lamb of God does a perfectly average track with “Walk With Me In Hell”, and Helmet includes something more in the aforementioned Cooper vein. The band’s seventy-infused rock style is a welcome change of pace for this soundtrack. The band does not completely move away from the metal underpinnings created by the earlier segment of the disc, but the differentiation in styles highlights the heavy all the more. “Monochrome” is a track that makes Helmet stand out strongly amongst Lamb of God and Static X’s weak efforts.

Despite all of my feelings for Disturbed, “Guarded” is another strong effort by the band. Of course, individuals will be able to tell that the track is a Disturbed one after the lead singer starts, but the track itself is a well-crafted bit of radio rock that will get stuck in listeners’ ears for a long while after the track ceases to spin. The good thing about this soundtrack is that there are some acts that have not necessary broke it big yet; Hydrovibe, Hourcast, Ghost Machine, and Charlie Clouser all end the disc. While the label could have benefitted these acts by putting them a little earlier, individuals would complain that the big guns are placed so late. Still, Saw III has its share of solid tracks, even if a few notable tracks hold the disc back from achieving all it needs to.

Top Tracks: Blue October / Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek , Ministry / Fear Is Big Business

Rating: 5.7/10

OST: Saw III / 2007 Artists Addiction / 20 Tracks / http://www.saw3.com / http://www.artistsaddiction.com / Reviewed 23 May 2007


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