OST: The Triangle (CD)

It is always interesting when I review these movie soundtracks without seeing the miniseries that this soundtrack comes from. It means that I have to either extrapolate what the movie is about or just base my review on the music that is contained within, without anything in the way ofd context. Either way, Joseph LoDuca’s soundtrack for the Sci-Fi Channel’s movie “The Triangle” starts out strongly, with a mixture of older and newer sounds. This track, the main title to the movie, shows the dichotomy between an older style of movie store production and a more current fixation with electronic styles and sounds. What results is something that has a whole hell of precedent to work off of, but is not bound in by that precedent to merely rehash what has been done before.

During tracks like “Cigar Boat”, the music is disjointed; this has so much effect on the atmosphere that is exerted from the compilation that it dwarves any instrument or arrangement that is present. The use of time signatures during this track is perhaps the strongest facet of “The Triangle”. The track may be a scale-topping six minutes long, but individuals are kept in suspense, riveted to their seats and wondering what awaits. “The Triangle” thus operates on a number of different planes. For example, one can just listen to the soundtrack and be affected by LoDuca’s compositions without having the context of the movie. What makes the most sense, however, is to see the movie with the proper compositions having a visual component.

There is nothing necessarily missing from this soundtrack, but it is given another dimension when paired alongside the movie which the tracks were originally paired with. The high tension, emotional rollercoaster of LoDuca is a shining steel creation that switches to wood tracks at points; this mixture of old and new in something that exists between the two schools of thought is something that fans of revolution as well as fans of LoDuca should sell the disc on. The track “Cigar Boat” ends with a fury that will recreate the old Memorex ads with the individual in the chair; after listening to this track, hair will be blown back in a way that only Einstein would appreciate. Here’s to hoping that we hear more from LoDuca in the future; eir ability to tell stories with instrumental music is unmatched currently.

Top Tracks: Cigar Boat, To The Edge

Rating: 6.1/10

OST: The Triangle / 2006 La-La Land Records / 21 Tracks / http://www.scifi.com/thetriangle / Reviewed 29 June 2006


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