The One AM Radio – This Too Will Pass (CD)

While the beginning of “The Harvest” sounds as if The One AM Radio is not doing anything that the stars of AM radio did over thirty years ago, the ambient instrumentation that becomes the norm for the track gives them a style different from anyone else on the market today. This tender sound is something that is present as well during “In The Time We’ve Got”. The band sounds here like a more serious version of Momus, with the inclusion of strings during this track only furthering the comparison. The band is able to stumble upon a chorus that is very catchy and while it still works with the subtle, quiet sound of The One AM Radio, allows individuals to love them as they love any quicker-tempoed indie rock act.

The aforementioned chorus is the reason why the extended runtime of “In The Time We’ve Got” slips away like that of a track that is a full two minutes shorter. “Mercury” has an interesting instrumental opening to it that feels as if there are horns present, even when the act is only using a synthesizer. The ability of The One AM Radio to come up with such an impressive sound allows their quite style to be highlighted in all of the right places; I think that the band could become the next OK Go if they got the right push. “Cast Away” has the potential to be another strong track, but even the Desert City Soundtrack-like instrumental emotion can make this track succeed.

The slow tempo of this track just does not lend itself well for individuals to keep a focus, and while all that would need for The One AM Radio to succeed her would be minor changes, this has to be chalked up as one of their weaker songs. The One AM Radio is an act that comes up with a tremendous amount of strong songs, but the sedate, slow approach needs to be varied as in “Our Fall Apart”, where a faster introduction allows the band to slink back into a more emotive and ambient type of sound. The band has a success on their hands with “This Too Will Pass” , but the band is human. They have minor issues that can stand to be corrected, and I have little doubt in my mind that they will correct these problems by the time that the sequel to this album is released.

Top Tracks: Our Fall Apart, Lest I Forget

Rating: 6.1/10
The One AM Radio – This Too Will Pass / 2007 Dangerbird / 13 Tracks / / / Reviewed 24 February 2007


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