The Paper Champions – End.Transmission EP (CD)

The noise that starts off the title track puts The Paper Champions into a very Green Day-esque sound right off the bat that drastically changes as soon as the “Station” is turned on the first segment of the track. There are still some comparisons that can be made to Green Day, as the vocals in both bands seem to converge on one point. Billie Joe Armstrong is only one influence that has influenced the vocals of the Jasons; there is a heavy Yellowcard feel that cannot be shaken. Even considering that the first track of the EP is nearing five minutes at its completion, The Paper Champions make their splash felt in a major way. Tying together radio transmissions into the music is something that happens fairly often, but it takes a special band like The Paper Champions to not place this sound as something to struggle against on the disc.

“The Canary” marks a major shift by The Paper Champions from the style played on “End Transmission”; instead of such an upbeat sound there seems to be a mixture of styles that include Nation of Ulysses, At The Drive-In and even the Foo Fighters. The commonality shared between these tracks is a devotion to a familiar but ultimately challenging styles; individuals can enjoy this in the most shallow ways but the puzzle needs to be cracked before fully enjoying the track. The slower style of “The Canary” is continued in whole form during “Oceanbound”. Individuals need to beware of the term “slower”, however; The Paper Champions are still rocking out with a quick tempo and a furious swirling of sound. The band only needs sixteen minutes and four tracks to come forth with a style that is a tremendous improvement from their last work, 2004’s “Weekend of Compromise”.

Hopefully this EP will lead in nicely to an upcoming full-length album; “A Long July” furthers the band’s sound by incorporating a very storied, Cure-influenced sound to the emo/hard rock hybrid that seems to be the norm during “End Transmission”. Dense without being difficult, catchy without being brainless The Paper Champions jump through all of the hoops in creating one of the most memorable EPs since Amber Pacific released “Fading Days”. Give this EP a shot before The Paper Champions drop the full-length; the length and depth of these compositions is sufficient enough to be properly grounded in the ways of the band before throwing one’s self in headlong to a complete album.

Top Track: A Long July

Rating: 6.6/10

The Paper Champions – End.Transmission EP / 4 Tracks / / / Reviewed 12 March 2006


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