Voice in the Dark – Best Of Voice in the Dark (CD)

There is a strong connection between an electronic and a rock style fostered during the initial offering by Voice in the Dark, “Can You Believe”. With a driving beat and compelling vocals, there is a world of wonder present here. “Stop” has a slower tempo, allowing for a different side of Voice in the Dark to be shown.

With a more vocal-focused approach taken during this track, the instrumentation nevertheless plays an important role in properly highlighting and otherwise polishing this compelling voice. It is really during “Secret Road” that listeners’ love for Voice in the Dark will be fostered.

The slower tempo that was first present during “Stop” continues here, but there seems to be a happier overall sound to Voice in the Dark’s overall sound. Furthermore, there is a complexity present during this track that has not been present anywhere else on this “Best Of” release. This means that the instrumental layers are weaved together to create a suitable counterweight to the equally-dense and fulfilling vocals encountered here. The disc continues to shift and impress with “Hold the Line”, a track that takes the different approaches, genres, and sounds broached during the disc’s earlier tracks and creates a cogent microcosm of Voice in the Dark’s overall sound. With a chorus that will keep bouncing around listeners’ heads, “Hold the Line” should make it onto alternative rock stations.

“God Only Knows” represents the penultimate track on this release, and presents listeners with a very nuanced and deep introspection into Voice in the Dark’s creative process. With each bit of Voice in the Dark establishing themselves fully during this track, the interplay between vocals and guitars, drums and vocals, or even the drums and guitars provides a further boost to the track’s replay value. Each of the 8 tracks on this release provides listeners with an additional bit of information about Voice in the Dark, and gives them a starting point for what to expect from 2011’s “Vibes, Grooves & Interludes”. Check it out.

Top Tracks: Can You Believe, Secret Road

Rating: 8.4/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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One thought on “Voice in the Dark – Best Of Voice in the Dark (CD)”

  1. I enjoyed this article by James McQuiston who very clearly reveals the complex creativeness of blending the unique lyrics, instrumentation and incredible vocals from “Best of Voice in the Dark.” I love this sound! The music is beautiful, inspiring and makes you just want to play it and hear it, over and over and over again!
    Best of luck to VOICE IN THE DARK!!!

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