Creeping Weeds: SEE THROUGH, ON TOUR!

04.01.11 – Philadelphia, PA @ Pilam
04.02.11 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Rock Shop
04.03.11 – Milford, CT @ Daniel Street Club
04.04.11 – Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
04.07.11 – Chicago, IL @ Double Door
04.08.11 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Thunderbird Cafe
04.10.11 – Asbury Park, NJ @ the Saint
04.11.11 – Newark, DE @ Mojo Main
04.13.11 – Norfolk, VA @ Jewish Mother
04.14.11 – Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave
04.15.11 – Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
04.16.11 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter

ABOUT THE BAND: Philadelphia’s Creeping Weeds is a band that’s unanchored from time and place. While their sound sinuously threads itself through decades of rock, psych and pop from both sides of the ocean, their songs pull in and out of focus – from microscopic detail to otherworldly vastness – often instantly and without warning. This filmic sense of time, space and place is at once commandingly controlled, unnervingly unhinged and the nexus of their latest release, See Through.

Throughout the album, time is manipulated by an unseen hand, scrolling from dusty Super 8 gait to brilliantly saturated time-lapse sheen. Apparitions built on slap-back echoes flow freely into real life and back into the ether, sometimes dispersing gently in intricate finger-picked passages, sometimes condensing into sludgy nightmares. Like the ebb and flow of the tides, songs roll into each other, pulling the listener under and letting them up in strange new places. Places where stark mountaintops drawn by skeleton guitars break themselves into honey-throated harmonies of sepia-toned summers. And where amber summers grow dark and get washed back out to sea, leaving only flickering memories bubbling up to the surface.

Repeated listens to See Through bring new ideas and details into the foreground. Layers of woody acoustics, muscular electrics, intricate vocals, homemade sound collages, vintage organs and lockstep rhythms coalesce and become indistinguishable from their original elements. Although it’s a leap forward from 2007’s We’re Are All Part of A Dream You’re Having, the band’s signature psychedelic sonics, sly pop hooks and irregular arrangements remain intact. But over time they’ve been distilled into an eerily dense, cohesive musical statement. On See Through, Creeping Weeds’ balance between experimentation, pop and rock has never been more realized – or more precarious.

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