I Fight Dragons – New Live Videos!

The Power of Love – http://www.jbtvonline.com/songs/i-fight-dragons-power-love

Welcome To The Breakdown – http://www.jbtvonline.com/songs/i-fight-dragons-welcome-breakdown

Heads Up, Hearts Down – http://www.jbtvonline.com/songs/i-fight-dragons-heads-hearts-down

Not I – http://www.jbtvonline.com/songs/i-fight-dragons-not-i

She’s Got Sorcery – http://www.jbtvonline.com/songs/i-fight-dragons-shes-got-sorcery

No Kontrol – http://www.jbtvonline.com/songs/i-fight-dragons-no-kontrol

Just Decide – http://www.jbtvonline.com/songs/i-fight-dragons-just-decide

On their new EP, Welcome To The Breakdown (Photo Finish/Atlantic Records), Chicago rockers I Fight Dragons wrap warm harmonies in sounds generated directly from vintage Nintendo soundcards. Set to be released digitally later this month, the EP showcases the group’s digitized, daring approach to music, mixing chiptune and pop rock. Lead vocalist/guitarist Brian Mazzaferri describes the band’s enigmatic style best. “We’ve got pop rock elements, but we’ve also got original music made using old video game soundcards. We abuse those Gameboy and NES soundcards in a set of musical modes that were defined by early video game music.”

For more, visit www.ifightdragons.com.

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