We are very excited to announce the follow-up second album from Church frontman Steve Kilbey & All-India Radio’s Martin Kennedy, entitled “White Magic”. This 11-track album returns another round of the successful and balance of Kennedy’s haunting and melodic tunes with Kilbey’s witty and intelligent lyrics, melded together by Kilbey’s heavenly voice.

All orders will ship by Feb 15th 2011 and if you preorder now you will recieve an immediate link to download the entire digital album now as well as an 15-track “fan remix” album from the debut album “Unseen Music/Unheard Words!” The “Fan Remix” album features the 15 tracks personally selected by both Kilbey & Kennedy as their favorites from last year’s contest entry to remix your favorite song from the album. This will not be available on it’s own and only exclusively to the pre-order of White Magic. In addition included in every package will be two limited edition postcard illustrations from Kilbey & Kennedy! Each package will get a random selection of two postcards, making each package unique!

Steve Kilbey – recently inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame as a member of iconic Australian band, The Church – continues to prove himself to be an eternally creative artist whilst retaining his unique individuality. Here he sings in a soft, velvety undertone, all the while tempting the listener and craftily placing you under his spell. His carefully constructed narratives create wordy potions mixing daydream imagery, the fleeting nature of time and stories
of the ancients.

As for Martin Kennedy, he is no mere sorcerer’s apprentice; Kennedy is in fact an ARIA nominee himself. His work with ambient instrumentalists, All India Radio, and as a songwriter has long been proven in his back catalogue. His dreamscapes are no simple sleight of hand – he is truly a conjurer creating lavishly orchestrated mini soundtracks – music that is soft, warm and enveloping, designed to entice, lure and hypnotise.

There is much more to White Magic than simple parlour room trickery. It is a collection of 11 songs, prayers, whispered spells and lyrical secrets, lightly brushed acoustic guitars and a bed of Lynchian drenched atmospherics that will beguile and seep inside the consciousness of any unsuspecting listener.

The Demo
Inner Country
Messiah Around
The Broken Sea

TRACKLISTING “Fan Remix” (digital only)
All Is One (Christine & Michael Baer)
Another Place (John Frum)
Eyes Ahead (Agustin Viu Castan)
Eyes Ahead (David Moyano)
Friends Are Gone (Brett Dean)
Friends Are Gone (David Duchow)
Friends Are Gone (Mark Merrill)
Maybe Soon (Craig Young)
Maybe Soon (David Spall)
Naked As A Star (Joshua Easley)
Naked As A Star (Steve Arnott)
Naked As A Star (Mike Garrigan)
Stretch Into Stars (Paul Vasquez)
The Other Place (Joe Robins)
Thoughts of Leaving (Marcos Siqueria)

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