Telepath – Crush (CD)

World music is such a cop out in terms of the musical styles and approaches contained within. If the music cannot be easily categorized into a major genre tag, such as rock, dance, or pop, it usually has a “World Music” label stamped on it. Telepath is Michael Christie, and despite being located in the United States, the fifteen compositions that compose this album showcase a truly world-wide mindset. To further flesh out and fill the album, Christie has enlisted the help of a number of musicians across the world.

While the intro gives listeners a moment to hear just Christie, the disc’s second track – “Justify” –will immediately play to the eclectic nature of Telepath’s album. With as much of a sea change as was present between the introductory track and “Justify”, the move between “Justify” and “In This Time” (Feat. Becky Ribeiro) seems similarly vast.

The disc definitely hits a high note with the instrumentally-heavy “Carry The One”. “Carry The One” links together an absolutely sick bass line with more traditional string compositions to make a track that simultaneously plays to classic and current musical styles. “Dust” is another pinnacle on “Crush”, as it benefits considerably through the inclusion of an introspective and impressive sitar line laid down by Pervez Khan. There is no style or sound that is not touched by Michael Christie on “Crush”, and this is the reason that the title should be searched out by anyone that would like to increase their horizons.

Top Tracks: Justify (Feat. Elliot Martin, Monsoon) and Carry the One (Feat. Williamtell)

Rating: 7.0/10

Telepath – Crush (CD) / 2011 Self / 15 Tracks /

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