Top Gear – Seasons 14 and 15 (DVD)

Far from running out of gas, Top Gear has found a nice cruising speed by the time season 14 and 15 hit the air (both are just now coming out on DVD).

Perfecting a solid mix of humor, goofy challenges and celebrity interviews (though some of the celebrities should be in quotes as unless you spot a Union Jack tattoo or have an addiction to BBC America), the show is better now than it ever has been before. Despite the lack of real global celebrities, they do make an exception at the end of season 15 when Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz (plugging the dreadful movie Knight and Day) stop by for a lap around the Top Gear track.

Part news show, part talk show and part product testing lab, Top Gear is hosted by the genial trio of car fans: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Despite the brief brush with Hollywood elite, the highlight of the these two seasons is actually an episode-long challenge where the trio are tasked with buying a used car online, sight unseen, from individuals in Bolivia and having the cars delivered by makeshift raft on the banks of the Amazon. The three must drive these deteriorating cars 1,000 miles through the jungles of South America, eventually arriving in Chile.

Fourteen seasons into it and the series is showing no signs of wear and tear.

Top Gear – Season 14 and 15/3 DVDs and 2 DVDs/BBC Warner

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