Colin and Brad: Two Man Group (DVD)

Colin and Brad: Two Man Group is one of those rare comedy DVDs that has the same frenetic energy that their live show has; whether it is their quick wits or their tendency to get a large segment of the audience involved, Colin and Brad know what to do to get the chuckles rolling. Image Entertainment has given these two a sharp DVD release, ensuring that viewers do not miss joke one or lose out on the considerable visual aspect of their comedy. The hour-plus runtime of Two Man Group is perfect, ensuring that one is given a decent helping of Colin and Brad without having to grind gears or pull teeth to make it to the two hour mark.

I liken the comedy stylings of Colin and Brad to early The Simpsons episode. This means that viewers of all ages will be able to find something that they can appreciate, without the material going into too blue of a space. This means that each joke works on a panoply of levels, giving those that are 10 or 100 a reason to guffaw heartily.

For those individuals that were fans of Whose Line Is It Anyway or even of earlier comedies like Monty Python or even Benny Hill, I feel that the purchase of Colin and Brad should come just as soon as one can make it to their local, well-stocked DVD store. Whenever these two make it to your home town, find a way to actually go out and see them – I feel that they are the hottest comedians that are currently touring today.

Rating: 8.0/10

Colin and Brad: Two Man Group (DVD) / 2011 Image Entertainment / 67 Minutes / /

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