Peanuts Double Feature (DVD)

A great many of the different companies that release childrens’ films try to release them with as few bells and whistles are is humanely possible. It is thus refreshing to see Paramount bundle together two different Peanuts titles – A Boy Named Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Come Home – in a value-priced ($15.49 currently at Amazon) title. The video prints are stellar considering the former was released in 1969 and the latter 1972, while the audio seems a little less tinny than was typical during airing of these specials on television. The stories told in each of these specials are timeless, too. For those that have not watched the specials in years, A Boy Named Charlie Brown deals with Charlie Brown actually winning at something – a Spelling Bee – while crashing to Earth in a way similar to eir other endeavors.

Snoopy, Come Home begins with Snoopy being kicked off of a beach, after which ey has to make a sojourn to Lila’s side in a hospital. As is the case with a great many (if not all) hospitals, the one housing Lila does not allow any animals. Snoopy has to use all of eir wits to be able to see Lila, while eventually returning to the family of children that ey previously left.

This bundle is perfect for any individual that would like to relive their younger days or as a gift for any child that has not seen these Peanuts titles. Make sure to purchase Peanuts Double Feature so that Paramount can continue to reissue these little bits of Americana.

Rating: 9.0/10

Peanuts Double Feature (DVD) / 2011 Paramount / 166 Minutes /

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