The Low Anthem – Smart Flesh (CD)

The Low Anthem proves yet again why they’re critical favorites on their latest effort, Smart Flesh.

With a hauntingly beautiful mix of folk, Americana, bluegrass and even a few hints of gospel and uncompromising songs its clear the band will likely never find mass appeal, but that’s probably a good thing (just look at how quickly the indie kids and critics alike savaged one-time darlings Kings of Leon).

With songs about being in a bar on 9/11 (“Boeing 737”) and finding love (“Apothecary Love”), the band picks up perfectly where the brilliant Oh My God, Charlie Darwin left off. Smart Flesh was recorded in an old pasta sauce factory and the result gives the record a cool echo effect, accentuating some of the more melancholy tracks. Nicely done from start to finish.

Rating 8 out of 10

Top Tracks: “Boeing 737″ and “Ghost Woman Blues”

The Low Anthm – Smart Flesh/11 tracks/Nonesuch/2011

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