Barista Prima Italian Roast K-Cup (24 Count)

We were able to receive a Keurig machine for review a few months back, and we received a sample box of the Barista K-Cups for review soon after that. While we had a few favorites in the sample box that was provided with the machine, I feel that the Barista Prima K-Cups are a little more nuanced and intense than what was provided us. These K-Cups are more for the coffee connoisseur because of that, and as a result, should be the type that anyone that truly loves coffee should seek out.

As is the case with the other K-Cups, those with a Keurig machine will easily be able to grab a single serving of the Italian Roast and get going to work, class, or to the breakfast table. While the intensity may be a little breath-taking at points, simply place in a little sugar or creamer to make the coffee yours. The roasted flavor comes through assertive but not overwhelming; each sip will bring forth a panoply of flavors and aromas that will undoubtedly warm imbibers up and help them keep going through the day.

For those that are worried about the price per serving of these K-Cups, they represent a substantial savings over similar qualities of coffee. Where a tricked-out coffee from Starbucks could reach $6 or $7 a cup, the price per serving of the Barista Prima Italian Roast is only about .66 a cup. If you do not mind having slightly weaker coffee and decide to use the K-Cup more than once, this price can get as low as .33. We are just about out of the different samples and styles of K-Cups that we were provided when we first received the machine, so we will have to pick up another box or two of the Barista Prima from .

Rating: 8.6/10

Barista Prima Italian Roast K-Cup(24 Count) / Green Mountain Coffee /

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