Big Time Rush: Season 1 (DVD)

Shows featuring an attractive male-heavy band have always done well on television. Whether it was The Monkees, The Jonas Brothers, or Big Time Rush, a tween audience will eagerly devour anything that is put out. Big Time Rush – the band, their music, or the show – seems to be miles ahead of many similar-sounding acts in that they skillfully blend rock, punk, rap, and even a little hard rock into their musical composition. When it comes to the show, the musical interludes are much less forced than in similar shows – Big Time Rush feels like a band rather than a production. Nickelodeon’s ability to make a show like this showcases that they can still blow Disney Channel productions out of the water. The guest stars are impressive –WWE star Chris Masters and Erik Estrada were present during the first season, while Snoop Dogg and Ed Begley are both present in the second.

The DVD set of Big Time Rush’s first season is similarly strong; at a hair under $20 (or even sub-$15 on online retailers), all viewers can easily catch up with the exploits of James, Carlos, Kendall, and Logan without breaking their bank. The only criticism that I can levy about this season set is that I would personally like a little bit more back-story about the show’s conception and creation. Two and a half hours of show for under $20 makes the inclusion of featurettes not essential, but I feel that their inclusion will make any subsequent releases of Big Time Rush that much stronger. Watch the DVD, see the band live, and check out the two episodes that are slated to be shown in April – “Big Time Girl Group” and “Green Time Rush”.

Rating: 8.9/10

Big Time Rush: Season 1 (DVD) / 2011 Nickelodeon / 147 Minutes /

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