Celadon Candy – S/T EP (CD)

“Sweet” is a track that comes forth with a number of distinct and unique styles. With a funky backdrop and a Mick Jagger-esque (think “Emotional Rescue”) approach taken by the vocals, listeners will immediately be enthralled by the band’s output. The electronic-infused arrangements that are present during “Sweet” will hearken back to the New Romantic movement of the early and mid-eighties, while there is a little bit of a harder, industrial edge that plays at the periphery. “Broken” is a bold step forward for Celadon Candy, linking together the slight hints of industrial present in “Sweet” with the atmospheric electronic constructs of an Autechre or a Klaus Schulze.

As the vocals gradually gain dominance during “Broken”, the track begins to resemble something from New Order’s heyday. At some point, the combination of distinct and different elements during “Broken” and the EP’s other tracks make for an experience that is wholly unique and truly exciting. The final cut present on this self-titled EP is “Undercutter”, a quicker-tempo track that has the same driving feel of “Pretty Hate Machine”-era Nine Inch Nails or Ministry. While the track itself still has the trappings of a dance single, the more nuanced approach taken by Celadon Candy will ensure that a much wider swath of fans continue to listen in.

Regardless of where individuals find themselves genre-wise, Celadon Candy’s output during this EP will have them coming back for more. Further expansion into the number of genres broached here will undoubtedly give the band considerable fuel for this full-length or any other efforts they may enter into. There may only be three tracks on this self-titled EP, but the band has not ruled out a full-length release for 2011. Check them out at your earliest convenience.

Top Tracks: Sweet, Broken

Rating: 8.4/10

Celadon Candy – S/T EP (CD) / 2010 Self / 3 Tracks / http://www.celadoncandy.com

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