Consinsual (DVD)

Despite the sexually-charged atmosphere that is present during a great deal of the film, Consinsual discusses some pretty heady philosophy in its hour and a half runtime. The film starts with Terrance Moore (Siaka Massaquoi, Hero Man), a chef that wishes the best for eir wife (Keena Ferguson, The Last Laugh), attempting to please eir other half in any way possible. Unsure where the hard and soft limits in their relationship truly are, Terrance gets into a tense situation where ey seems to become a fall guy for the machinations of eir wife and eir old flame.

The video quality of this E1 release is solid; a crisp and realistic set of palettes and sets used make this movie gritty and realistic. The cast members are all attractive, but viewers will not feel as if they cannot identify with Terrance, Jasmine (Kathryn Taylor, Perfect Combination), Tara (Alexis Zibolis, Fool’s Gold), or even Angelica.

What seems to be the best part of Consinsual has to be the efforts turned in by each part of the cast; the fact that a great many of the roles are filled with up and coming actors and actresses makes the cohesiveness of Consinsual all the more amazing. Paul D. Hannah’s foray into the silver screen from plays seems natural; while the topic matter covered in Consinsual is decidedly intense, it feels as if what happens during the movie could happen to viewers. Here’s to hoping that we see more from Paul D. Hannah, One True Media and eir group of actors in the years to come.

Rating: 8.3/10

Consinsual (DVD) / 2011 Entertainment One / 98 Minutes /

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