Fantastic Pets (Xbox 360)

This title requires a Kinect to play, so make sure that if this game is a purchase that the giftee has one. Saying that, Fantastic Pets is a tremendous title and should be seen as an essential purchase for any young one that likes to play dress up or otherwise customize their stuffed animals, dolls, or the like. There is a feel always present to Fantastic Pets that one has the pet in real life, with actions taken that approximate brushing, petting, and getting a pet dressed. The best addition to Fantastic Pets over other games in this genre has to be the ability to have another friend “bring over” their pet. There have been options to link together pet games in the past, but I feel that Fantastic Pets’ use of the Kinect makes a much more serious attempt to increase the party factor of games in this genre.

Another move forward in the pet genre in games has to be the different voice commands that link themselves to pet behavior in Fantastic Pets. There is more than enough leeway accepted by the title that even the youngest of players will be able to successfully interact with their pets. A final strength of Fantastic Pets has to be the line that THQ balances between presenting players with realistic interpretations of pets and totally made-up creatures. With a vibrant palette even present with the cats and dogs that are able to be chosen here, the game will immediately snare players and keep them playing. The sheer amount of customization that is present in Fantastic Pets will make it that this title will not leave an Xbox 360 for a long time after purchase. Here’s to hoping that other game publishers are able to take some of the ideas that were put here for their pet games. Fantastic Pets is a must-buy for anyone that likes games in this genre.

Rating: 8.6/10

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