FUZE (16.9 Fl. Oz)

There are a number of different fruit-flavored drinks that are on the market that command a hefty price. Odwalla, for example, charges $3 for a bottle of their juice. FUZE is able to halve that price ($1.59 suggested retail) and include a variety of juice for a wide array of interested customers.

The FUZE line is broken up into two distinct sides – their traditional juices (Peach Mango, Orange Mango, Black & Green Tea, Green Tea, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Guava, and Banana Colado) and their Slenderize line (Blueberry Raspberry, Strawberry Melon, Tropical Punch, Pomegranate Acai Berry, and Cranberry Raspberry). The traditional juice line typically has as many calories present in a 16.9 ounce bottle as soda has in a 12 ounce can, along with a number of vitamins and other essential compounds. For those that are trying to add shape to their figure, the Slenderize line has a miniscule amount of calories – about 20 a bottle – and includes even more in the way of additional material present to help with the weight loss. Flavors in the Slenderize line include the compounds L-Carnitine (disposal of glucose), Super Citrimax (to decrease hunger and increase weight loss), and chromium (weight loss).

Despite being “good” for you, the FUZE flavors are all stellar. Despite a funky color, the Strawberry Guava tastes absolutely heavenly, while there is a genuineness to the tea flavors that simply is not to be had when one typically picks up a bottle of mass-market ice tea. The flavors in the Slenderize line are similarly strong; Pomegranate Acai Berry is delectable despite the bitterness present in the naturally-found pomegranate and Acai berry. Flavors that seem “fake” from other companies – Mixed Berry – benefit from the inclusion of real berries in the FUZE line. Go to your local grocery store, gas station, or the like and pick up a bottle today.

Rating: 8.9/10

FUZE (16.9 Fl. Oz) / $1.59 / Coca-Cola & Glaceau / http://www.coca-cola.com / http://www.glaceau.com

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