glamourKings – Front Row Seat To The End of the World (CD)

“Invest in Heaven” is the first track on “Front Row Seat To The End of the World”, and it will immediately bring listeners to the dance floor. What glamourKings does on this track is tie together dance, electronic, and industrial music into something fun that maintains a sharp edge. “Generation Greed” adds a little punk attitude to the mix, with the overall effort of glamourKings during the track touching upon acts like Joy Division and even Gary Numan.

With a quick tempo and a continued desire to build up momentum, glamourKings continue their “Front Row Seat” with “I Marry Money”. “I Marry Money” is an integral track for the band on this album, as it is decidedly different from the typical album track. The much more deliberate and brooding feel crafted by glamourKings during this track makes for a fuller album experience, and represents for me another way that they will gain the limelight. “Paris In Poverty” is another stand-out track on “Front Row Seat”, as it drops a great deal of the electronic crunch that is such a constant on the album. With little more present than the vocals and a shuffling percussion,

“Paris In Poverty” will be eagerly devoured by any fan of “Pretty Hate Machine”-era Nine Inch Nails. Continuing their high-energy aural assault on their listeners, glamourKings add a little bit of surf music to their “Night of Frankenstein”. “Night of Frankenstein” still has the trappings of a 45 Grave or other early goth track, but uses the aforementioned surf music and a klaxon-like synth to push the track (and by extension, the rest of the album) into a bold new path. Wrapping things up with “3 Miles”, glamourKings are able to create one of the most memorable albums of the early part of 2011. While the style of music that they craft here may not be what is currently popular, I believe that their unique take on their music will bring listeners in by the boatful.

Top Tracks: Generation Greed, Night of Frankenstein

Rating: 8.6/10

glamourKings – Front Row Seat To The End of the World (CD) / 2011 Self / 14 Tracks /

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