Prosecutor Princess (DVD)

Ya Entertainment does a tremendous service to anyone that fancies themselves a fan of Korean television. What previously was only available in shady food stops and in pixilated versions on online video services like Dailymotion and Youtube has been placed on DVD sets with value prices. For example, the 8-DVD collection of Prosecutor Princess can be purchased online foor well under $75, and provides viewers with 15 hours of drama.

Woo (Park Shi-Hoo, of What Planet Are You From?) is the dashing force in this drama, saving Hye-ri (Kim So-Yeon, of All About Eve) from a number of troubles. Things start to get crazy as Hye-ri falls for Woo, even as a number of Woo’s acquaintences make it a point to burden Woo in any way possible. These friends, other members of the law firm in which Woo is employed, include other well-known Korean actors; eir elder Se-Joon (Han Jung-Soo of The King & I) happens upon Woo at all of the wrong times, despite Woo’s best efforts to impress.

Despite being on DVD, the transfer of Prosecutor Princess is absolutely superb. What would have normally came to American shores in a very grainy and poor form is sharp, with video and audio being easily the equivalent of what the original audiences had. Even with the whole series captured in this DVD set, Ya has placed a great amount of featurettes onto this set. An hour-long “Making Of” breaks the fourth wall and showcases the sheer amount of work that goes into the creation of the show, while well over two hours of interviews have been conducted with the cast. Couple these with outtakes, deleted scenes, and commentary on different episodes, and a buyer’s summer will be replete with tons of Prosecutor Princess.

Rating: 9.2/10

Prosecutor Princess (DVD) / 2011 Ya Entertainment / 960 Minutes /

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