Rio: Music From The Motion Picture (CD)

Rio will be one of the biggest animated features of 2011, and this is not only because the film is from the creators of Ice Age. Rather, Interscope has created a heck of a soundtrack for the film that ties together veteran musicians with up and coming performers. What results is a soundtrack that matches the action in the film along with creating a bold statement on its own. This soundtrack begins with a mood-setting track in The Rio Singers’ “Real In Rio”, but gradually opens up to a blending of famous (Jamie Foxx, Taio Cruz) and up and coming (Jemaine Clement, Ester Dean). The run-away single from the Rio soundtrack will be “Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)” by and Jamie Foxx; with a little bit of grit and a whole lot of funkiness, it will reach high registers on both the R&B and rap charts.

“Fly Love”, another track contributed to the soundtrack by Jamie Foxx, focuses more on the soul tip and succeeds strongly due to that. Where Ester Dean has not charted too often in eir fledgling musical career up to this point, “Let Me Take You To Rio (Blu’s Arrival)”, Dean’s duet with Carlinhos Brown, will showcase exactly how talented ey is. The Rio soundtrack is different from other of its ilk in that it maintains it strength throughout each of the disc’s 13 cuts.

It is especially prevalent in film to have musical cues and tracks sputter out as the plot takes over, but the director’s behind Rio’s music do not give up the ghost until the closing strains of Sergio Mendes’ ultimate track, “Valsa Carioca”. I had mentioned earlier that the Rio Soundtrack is able to succeed both as an accompaniment to the film and as its own stand-alone release; make sure to pick up a copy and see if you agree with me.

Top Tracks: Real In Rio – The Rio Singers, Telling The World – Taio Cruz

Rating: 7.5/10

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