Shaky DeVille – Hot Asphalt (CD)

“Come Out Ye Black & Tan” is the first track on “Hot Asphalt”, and it blends together traditional rock, punk, and Irish music into a hard-hitting and catchy format. With vocals that will easily worm their way into any listeners’ heart, “Hot Asphalt” will quickly capture anyone lucky enough to listen. The title track to “Hot Asphalt” has a funkier groove to start out things, shifting towards a sea shanty type of sound soon after. With a lush production allowing for each distinct part of Shaky DeVille to shine, “Hot Asphalt” is as accurate of a capture of the band’s true vim and vigor as can conceivably exist.

“Toronado” continues the high-energy assault of Shaky DeVille, with a slight shift of style toward rockabilly and traditional country genres. While the punk fury still threads itself through the entirety of “Toronado”, there is no denying that Shaky DeVille can adopt a number of different styles over the course of an album and still come forth with their own unique brand of music. “You Had It Good” brings the guitars to the fore, even as the drums kick in and struggle for dominance. Shaky DeVille destroy the common conception that only one piece of the band – vocals, guitars, drums, bass – can shine over the course of the album.

Rather, there is no track on “Hot Asphalt” that has any constituent element of the band giving any less than 100 percent. Later tracks, such as “Wild Irish Blue”, show this further. Rather than letting things grind to a halt, Shaky DeVille craft a track that is more intense and heartfelt than practically anything else to be heard on “Hot Asphalt”. With nary a weak track to be heard, Shaky DeVille’s new album is a nice revamp to the flagging Irish rock scene. For fans of the genre or of good music generally, “Hot Asphalt” has grit and hooks a-plenty.

Top Tracks: Come Out Ye Black & Tan, You Had It Good

Rating: 8.3/10

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