Species Nutrition Isolyze (Whey Protein Isolate)

When first receiving Species Nutrition Isolyze Whey Protein, I had never tried a whey isolate. Basically this is the stuff for serious nutritionally conscious persons; it has the highest concentration of protein available for the lowest amount of carbs and calories.

It’s a dieters dream come true with 110 calories, zero carbohydrates, and 27 grams of pure protein per serving. But my friend that isn’t all, it tastes like the creamiest vanilla ice cream you will ever taste. For the best results I mix 12oz of cool water with 2 scoops of powder. This is two servings but it provides 54 grams of protein. I recommend this power also for milk sensitive athletes or dieters because the protein from the whey has been isolated; therefore the lactose is no longer present.

You can really do a lot with this powder, drink it straight or mix it in a smoothie. Heck its good enough you could just eat it plain! The only real issue I had with the powder was it can make you really gassy if you aren’t used to taking protein powder, but don’t worry in about a week you won’t even notice it. Species Nutrition uses an unique product to isolate the protein from the milk; it’s unlike other similarly-styled products on the market, with a protein yield many times above similar products. For those that traditionally have to supplement with different amino acids, the Species Nutrition Isolyze contains a great deal of BCAAs. At around $30-35 stocked at a number of reputable online retailers, there is no reason that you should not pick up a 2 pound bottle of Isolyze and see exactly what it does for you – I know that I’ll have it stocked for whenever I get done with my workout. It also works as a meal replacement; no amount of words can describe the versatility that Isolyze enjoys.

Rating: 9.4/10

Species Nutrition Isolyze (Whey Protein Isolate) – Vanilla Ice Cream / 2011 Species Nutrition / http://www.speciesnutrition.com

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