TRON: Legacy 3D (5-Disc Blu-Ray)

This is the definitive collection for anyone that is into the storyline or special experience that TRON brings them. Where many releases only require a single Blu-Ray (possibly 2 if there are a number of additional features), Disney has ensured that they provide viewers with a tremendous amount of information. This 5 disc Blu-Ray set has the best special feature ever – a remastered version of the original 1982 TRON. For those that did not see the film during its original theatrical engagement, the presence of this cleaned-up version will be at least as impressive as the 2010 feature.

The 2010 feature tells a story that properly updates the TRON mythos without having to retcon the events of the original. Further, the 2010 technology is able to shine even more in its adaptation of the soul and feelings brought forth by the original title. The 5-disc box set fills out any holes that may still be present between the two films. This is due to the inclusion of the making-of of the film along with some more fun inclusions (the “Derezzed” music video, for example). I feel that “The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed” is the best addition to this set. This is because the storyline is extended through the conclusion of TRON: Legacy, and gives viewers a look into what Flynn Lives is and why they acted the way they did in the film.

The TRON: Legacy 3D / TRON: The Original Classic box set can be found at many retails for a sub-$50 price, and represents a perfect Easter, birthday, or other holiday purchase. If you are a fan of the films or have even missed out on them up to this point, there is no reason that you should pick up a copy of this Blu-Ray set.

Rating: 9.0/10

TRON: Legacy 3D (5-Disc Blu-Ray) / 2011 Disney /

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