Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jeans

Never assume that the quality of jeans is limited to those types that are available in normal department stores. I nearly did that with Wrangler, and I am glad to admit that I gave their Wrangler Premium Performance jeans a spin. I’ve been lucky enough to lose a substantial amount of weight over the last eight months, so the jeans that I had were ill-fitting. The three pairs of jeans provided NeuFutur for review fit like a dream. Where a pair of jeans may be the right size, I’ve always had a Hank Hill / no-butt problem with any pair I’ve bought. However, the traditional cut and smart styling of the Wrangler Premium are able to properly fit while looking fashionable, despite my gluteal lackings.

The color schemes available to buyers range the gamut from faded denim all the way out to black and nearly-purple blue. The cuts are varied in much the same way. Wrangler provides purchasers considerable variation in their Cowboy Cut line; relaxed fit, boot cut, and slim fits make sure that one can maintain a unique and fitting style.

We hope to be able to test out more of Wrangler’s pants in the future, but what we’ve learned in our testing of the Premium Performance / Cowboy Cut pants is that the company knows their pants. With good, thick denim coupled with traditional cuts, the Wrangler Cowboy Cut line will turn any average joe into a fashion-plate that can actually get their job done. Everyone is about painted-on pants, but I can speak from experience that most individuals will be able to do any duties or chores in them; buy a pair of the Cowboy Cut jeans and you can dig a ditch, fix a car, and still have everyone focused in on your legs.

Rating: 9.5/10

Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jeans / Denim / http://www.wranglerwestern.com

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