Complete Veggie Protein

When one is making a protein shake, there are a tremendous amount of different options to be had. Whether it is whey, hemp, pea, or any one of a number of different protein sources, there seems to be a tremendous amount of differentiation between these types. The simple fact is that humans typically need a whole heap more protein than they traditionally get in a normal day, and this need is further exacerbated by whether someone has worked out that day. I work out about five times a week, and it seems that I simply cannot get enough protein in a day. When I was looking through the different types of proteins on the market, I came upon All-Pro Science’s Complete Veggie Protein.

This protein, a blend of three types of protein – hemp, pea, and brown rice – gives imbibers a substantial amount of protein (23g) in each serving. Along with providing this protein, All-Pro Science has provided a number of additional compounds in their protein; there are a large amount of Essential Amino Acids present. This list is bolstered through the inclusion of a number of Conditionally Essential Amino Acids and Nonessential Amino Acids, and is topped off with the presence of a large number of other vitamins and minerals. By providing purchasers with all of these different additions, as well as being both gluten-free and all-vegan, All-Pro Science has made a vitally important addition to the protein market. Where there is a tendency to play loose and fast when a company is in a unique position, All-Pro Science has made their Complete Veggie Protein right.

We reviewed the Berry Blast flavor, and actually tasted something that resembled the flavor that was listed. In fact, the flavor was so amenable that I will likely search out more of All-Pro Science’s products, especially if they take the same amount of care. Check this product out, get some nice recovery after hard workouts, and be more easily able to reach your goals.

Rating: 8.5/10

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