I want MOORE Dolemite!

Dolemite is a blaxploitation film from 1975 starring Cleveland, Ohio born actor Rudy Ray Moore. Dolemite is crime fighting, butt kicking, all around pimp. In the beginning of the movie you see our hero being released from incarceration. He was set up by his greatest competitor Willie Greene played by D’Urville Martin.

Greene planted drugs and stolen furs in Dolemite’s trunk which landed our man in prison for 20 years. Making a deal with devil he decides to help the police find out who is causing all the trouble in the hood. Under conditional release, he discovers a string of crime including murder, drugs, and guns have all been linked to Willie Greene and Dolemite plans to get to the bottom of it.

Greene is in control of Dolemite’s night club the Total Experience. When Dolemite comes to get his club back from Willie, he finds out it won’t be as easy as he thought. With crooked cops and government officials on Greene’s side, it seems our hero doesn’t have a chance. Until his main lady Queen Bee shows him what’s been going on while he was locked away. Queen Bee had taken Dolemite’s female entertainers and turned them into an all girl kung fu gang.

This movie is Black cinema at its finest. Rudy Ray Moore shot the film over several dates on his comedy tour around the United States. He used the proceeds from each show to fund the movie. During the movie they sometimes will clip away to a portion of Rudy Ray Moore’s standup comedy routine which was the influence for the character Dolemite. The movie is action packed, funny, and violent. It’s a great movie for adults who are fans of comedy and kung fu!

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