Jane Hunt – Jane Hunt (CD)

“Vasene” is a track that defies convention and takes a turn through a number of genres and distinct styles to create Jane Hunt’s first single on her self-titled EP. The dynamic, high-energy violin line weaves its way masterfully through the track, while the atmospheric vocals push the track even further. The track is fleshed out through the addition of an emotive and understanding drum line. “Melia Dream” is the disc’s second track, and acts as a foil for the inaugural cut. This track adopts more traditional, classically-based arrangements to show Hunt’s virtuosity on the violin. Where the vocals added something to “Vasene”, the violin contains a substantive narrative quality that renders any voices obsolete. With a book of story crafted in the course of three minutes, Hunt requires that listeners focus in to get the full album experience. “Flying High” is a blending of the two styles broached during the first half of the EP, while expanding listeners’ understanding of Hunt’s motivation nicely.

The track has a singer-songwriter style to it, but Hunt again chooses to let the music do the talking. Keeping the track short, I feel that Hunt succeeds in a way that few artists that go instrumental can. Hunt’s rich attention to detail and unique sound will ensure that listeners stick with the album through repeat listenings. Hunt ends this EP with “Sahara”, a track that adds onto “Melia Dream” in terms of overall feel and decisions made. As the track title suggests, there is a decidedly African sound present in the track’s body. However, there is an interesting interplay between the traditional and the modern that is further elaborated upon as the track spins on. While the song ends before the five-minute mark, Hunt’s work on “Sahara” provides listeners with a good hour of twists and turns to properly unravel.

Check out Jane Hunt, the Violin Venus, at your earliest opportunity. Make it a point to pick up this EP as well as any subsequent releases that she may come out with. I know I’ll personally be looking to see whether there will be any Hunt live dates in the near future.

Top Tracks: Melia Dream, Flying High

Rating: 8.1/10

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