Jooklo Duo with Bill Nace | USA TOUR 2011

Jooklo Duo, the fiery Italian psychedelic tenor sax/drums combo of Virginia Genta and David Vanzan, partnered with guitar wizard, Bill Nace, will descend upon the East Coast and Midwest for 20+ dates from May 19th through June 17th. Touring in support of their 7″ release The Warrior on Northern-Spy Records, released last November, and Where Has the Jazz Gone on the duo’s own Italian imprint Troglosound, released in March, the group will play shows in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Jersey City, New York City, New Haven, Providence, Boston, Northampton, Albany, Rochester, Buffalo, Cleveland, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Chicago, Lafayette, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh (full details below). Upon completion of their tour the band will record their first state-side full-length LP in Brooklyn for Northern-Spy which will be released in early 2012.

In the past six years of restless activity, the couple has toured the US and Europe extensively, performing over 400 concerts. Jooklo Duo have collaborated with Sonic Youth, Makoto Kawabata, Sabu Toyozumi, Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, Daniel Carter and many others. In October 2010, they performed “Nearly Ninety” at the Barbican Centre in London with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, along with Takehisa Kosugi (Taj Mahal Travellers!!) and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin!!).

Don’t miss the dates with Northern-Spy Records artist, Arrington de Dionyso, who will be performing with his Malaikat Dan Singa band in DC and performing solo in Philly.

05.19.11 – Jooklo Duo @ Ars Nova Workshop / The Rotunda / Philadelphia

05.20.11 – Jooklo Duo @ Comet Ping Pong / Washington DC + Malaikat Dan Singa

05.21.11 – Jooklo Duo @ TBA / Baltimore, MD

05.22.11 – Jooklo Duo Feat. Arrington De Dyioniso @ Highwire Gallery / Philadelphia

05.25.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ WFMU / Jersey City, NJ

05.26.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ Issue Project Room / NYC

05.27.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ Popeye’s Garage / New Haven, CT

05.28.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ Operatheque / Providence, RI

05.29.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ TBA / Boston, MA

05.30.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ TBA / Northampton, MA

06.01.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ Helderberg House / Albany, NY + Burnt Hills

06.02.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ The Dress Barn / Rochester, NY + Pengo + Torus

06.03.11 – Jooklo Duo @ Soundlab / Buffalo, NY + Bill Nace and Steve Baczkowski Duo

06.04.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ Bela Dubby / Cleveland, OH

06.07.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ TBA / Ann Arbor, MI + Cotton Museum

06.08.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ The Cave / Detroit, MI + Cotton Museum

06.09.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ Enemy / Chicago, IL + Cotton Museuem + Mysteries Du Serpets + High School Confidential

06.11.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ Black Sparrow Pub / Lafayette, IN

06.12.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ The Mockbee / Cincinnati, OH

06.13.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ Garfield Artworks / Pittsburgh, PA

06.17.11 – Jooklo Duo and Bill Nace @ TBA / NYC

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