Liquid Morph+ (Protein Shot)

There are a considerable amount of protein shots that are currently available on the market. A number of them provide a decent serving of protein, but do it with a horrible taste or too small of an amount of protein to really mater. However, the Liquid Morph+ by iSatori is one of those products that considerably raise the bar. When one looks at the vial of Liquid Morph+, what immediately becomes clear is that its 45 grams of protein should be enough to start things going towards a full recovery after workout.

Secondly, the flavors – Grape, BLAH and BLAH – are all different enough to keep imbibers interested through each 3.1 ounce serving. Finally, the Liquid Morph+ is not just a protein drink; rather, there are compounds present that will aid with weight loss as well as muscle repair. Taken all together, this means that the Liquid Morph+ protein shot stands heads and shoulders above similar types of products, while not possessing much in the way of carbohydrates, sodium, or even calories (212 for one vial places this at the perfect snack level).
If you want to ensure that you receive enough in the way of protein and do not want to suffer in the slightest during a workout, check out Liquid Morph+. Without a bad taste or a lack of the compounds and chemicals that are needed after a workout, I feel that a Liquid Morph+ should always be present in a workout bag, purse, or any other receptacle. Make sure to keep these refrigerated – the taste ends up being that much better whenever you can pull out a nice and chilly one of these bad boys.
Rating: 9.4/10

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